Trekking in Nepal Guide 2014

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We have carefully written a trekking in Nepal guide which you may find very useful if going trekking in Nepal. It covers all the basic but very important steps you will go through when coming for trekking in Nepal:

Step 1: Selecting the right trek

Step 2: Solo trekking in Nepal? Or, find trekking partners?

Step 3: Go with a trekking company and be guided, or not?

Step 4: Hiring the Right trekking company, online trek booking, or not?

Step 5: Best season for trekking in Nepal?

Step 6: What trekking equipment do you need?

Step 7: Is it recommend to purchase trekking equipment in Nepal, or at home?

The article can be found here:

We hope you will find it useful and welcome any comments you may have to it. It was made for you.

Trekking and Climbing Regards,
Team Trekbooking

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  • Gaspard
    Very useful, great piece of work trekbooking!

    Perhaps some more data about climbing in Nepal would be useful as well.

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