Everest Gokyo Lake Trek

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Everest Gokyo Trekking
If you want some extra in your itinerary while visiting Everest Region, then we will suggest you Everest Gokyo trekking as this is a combined trek to Everest base camp and then to Gokyo Ri valley(5350 meters). Including the beautiful scenes visible from Base Camp, there is more to watch at Gokyo Ri valley. You can see many beautiful lakes of the Gokyo region which are really awesome. Also the view of mountains are more fantastic from Gokyo valley. the Ngozumpa Glacier- largest glacier of Nepal is also visible from this region.

If you are willing to know Everest Gokyo lake trek day to day itinerary and the details of the trip then drop us your words at info@glorioushimalaya.com or visit www.glorioushimalaya.com

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