Upper Dolpo Trek – Paradise of Remote Western Nepal

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Are you seeking for real ‪adventures in Nepal – Kingdom of‪ #‎Himalayas‬?? If yes, then ‪Upper Doplo‬ can be the best option, besides Everest and ‪Annapurna ‬regions.

A large area in Dopla district of ‪#‎Western_Nepal‬, Upper Dolpo is the most remote and least develop area in Nepal, but widely hidden and undiscovered. This region is home to less than 5,000 inhabitants. Despite being a Nepalese land, this region is highly influenced by Tibetan culture. It is also known as the land beyond Himalayas, and is the same region where the famous documentary film “Caravan” was filmed. Made free to visit only few years ago, this region is capable enough to make you stunned with its beauties. Since it was made free few years ago, you can enjoy the virgin and unbeaten lands, and have the fresh experience. The peculiar landscapes will make you memorize your trip to this region, along with the view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Kanjiroba mountain ranges, and beautiful animals like snow leopards and blue sheeps. Along with this, you can visit many mysterious monasteries, typical villages which are above 4,000 meters and know about ‪#‎Tibetan‬ and ‪#‎Buddhist‬ culture. You can even visit Lower Dolpo which is on the way to Upper Dolpo.
Since you have to conquer the high passes of about 5,000 and + meters namely Kang La (5,350m), Geln La pass (5,010m) and walk for about 7-8 hours daily, this is found to be the best route for the experienced trekkers to have some adventurous challenges. Besides conquer those heights, you can have the mesmerizing view of ‪#‎Shey_Phoksundo‬ lake- the deepest one in Nepal and the fantastic view of Crystal Mountain- a holy mountain and a major reason why each year hundreds of pilgrims visit upper Dolpo region So we can guarantee you that you will have some of the best moments of your life in Dolpo Region.

You can begin your upper Dolpo trek with the flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal Airport. You need to get special ‪#‎trekking‬ permits from the immigration to visit these areas since most of the regions are restricted to visit. This region is beautiful throughout the year, but the time of March- May in spring and September- October in autumn are found to be the best.

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