A cautionary note about trekking and safety in Nepal, and Langtang

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Dear Trekking and Climbing Community

We were informed the other day of a trekker being robbed in the Langtang trekking region. it was an unfortunate incident where the trekker got stolen all her possessions, including credit cards, mobile, backpack etc.

Nepal has +165,000 trekkers a year and we would generally consider it a safe area for tourists. Yet, the above incident reveals that precautions should always be taken. While some trekkers may wish some alone time in the mountains it is always recommended to trek with other people, as it will increase your safety.

The Langtang trekking region is a great place for trekking. It should be noted, however, that especially Langtang has had a few incidents of mugging and assaults in the past few years. We do therefore not recommend trekking less than 3 trekkers in that region.

The intention of this note is not to spread any fear as Nepal is an amazing country to explore and everyone ought to experience it at least once in a lifetime. In today's world, and considering the annual number of tourists coming to Nepal it is hard to avoid unfortunate incidents like this (unfortunately!). That should, however, not hinder anyone from being careful and taking the necessary precautions, inter alia by finding trekking partners

Have a safe, and amazing time in Nepal.


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  • Barry
    In the past few years, also in the Langtang Region, several trekkers have gone missing. Whether they succumbed to foul play or just got lost, is still a mystery. It is never advisable to trek alone in the mountains, no matter what country you are in.
  • Gaurav
    Really, These days the security concern is getting a bit complicated for trekkers. Mostly for those wishing to travel independently around the lonely himalayas.
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