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Hi guys,
I need your advice about the drinking water in Nepal:
Of course, in the cities such as Kathmandu or Pokhara it will be not a problem to get a drinking bottled water (still, what brands are reliable?), but what about the remote trekking areas, such as Upper Mustang? Should I get some iodium or something?
Thanks a lot, all best

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  • Mosaic Adventure

    It depends on which trekking area you are going. If you are trekking on commercial trail like Annapurna, Langtang and Everest, then you can easily buy bottled water; bottled water is also available in Upper Mustang trekking area.

    However, as there aren't any disposable system for plastic water bottle sold on the trekking trail, I recommend you to bring water treatment pills/liquid no matter which area you go. You will save some dollars (cost of 1 liter bottled water varies depending on different place, from 1-3 USD/liter) as well as taking concern of Eco-system of the area that you are visiting.

    If you require some other information please feel free to post your questions.
  • Maxim

    thanks a lot for the info!
    Could you write me please some details about good water treatment pills? Which brand shall I get? I'm heading to the Upper Mustang..

    Thanks again!
  • Mosaic Adventure
    Hi Maxim,

    Brand of the pills depend on where you are buying. It is better to get travel doctors advise. There are some available in Nepal too, but it is recommended that you buy that back home for guaranteed safety.
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