Ararat Mountain

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Ararat 5137 m
Keeper of the long history and the most beautiful place on the Earth is a holy Mount Ararat. Situated on the territory of Turkey not far from the border of Iran (16 km) and the border of Armenia (32 km). The highest point of Turkey, located on the banks of the Araks River near the beautiful Van Lake. Mount Ararat is dormant volcanic cone and has two peaks: Greater Ararat (elevation of 5,137 m or 16,854 ft) and Lesser Ararat (with an elevation of 3,896 m or 12,782 ft). Last eruption was in 2nd July 1840 year. Disaster destroyed with the flow of snow, mud and stones Arguri village and Monastery of Saint Jakov. Now there are now any settlements near the mountain.
Until the 19th century, the peak was unattainable for human. For the local population (Turks, Armenians, Persians, Azeris, Kurds) even attempt to ascent to the peak was a great sin. After the conclusion of a peace treaty the territory of Ararat moved from Persia to Russia and in that year was organize a big expedition to new lands. The first ascent to the summit of Great Ararat took place in 27th of September 1829 year. Johann Friedrich Parrot (a doctor and a great lover of nature) made the first ascent. Together with Parrot the summit reached: the local guide Khachatur Abovyan, translator, two soldiers of Russian army and two farmers from the settlement of Arguri.
Only about 20 years ago, the area became open to tourists. Now everyone could visit the lands of Ararat, and reach the summit. The air in this area is saturated power of this great mountain...
The easiest way to get to Ararat Mount is: first of all you should book your tickets to Istanbul city. And don’t forget to leave some days in your program for Istanbul sightseen. You should to see the former capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires. Next step is fly to the East of Turkey – Van city, situated not far from famous soda Lake Van. Further three-hour transfer by car to the city Doğubeyazit. As a rule, tourists stay here in hotel for a rest after flights. Climbers sort their equipment, if you are not a mountaineer Mount Ararat you could from the window. Departure from hotel to beginning point of trekking route you should plan in the early morning. First camp is situated on a green glade (3200 m). By the way, you may use the animal support and come to first camp without your luggage.
Route description: Reach the Ararat summit in summer is not difficult and you do not need special physical trainings. But winter ascent is complicated by deep snow, low temperatures and strong winds. Ascent route has no technical difficulties. After height 4200 meters above the sea begins firn and snow. From this point you need ice-axe and crampons. Start to summit better from camp 2 in the early morning. It takes about 5-8 hours. From the summit you will see wonderful view! After short snack, descend to camp 1. Ascent program with acclimatization takes about 5 days. By the way, Ararat Mount is on military zone and you need to get from Turkish government a permit. This service for you can to do numerous travel companies.

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