The world's largest mountaineering club sees fall in number of climbing fatalities

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Climbing has always been risky business. But perhaps the associated risk is decreasing. The Germane Alpine Club, the world's largest mountaineering association with more than one million members has seen a fall in mountaineering fatalities. 28 of its members died in 2012 which was the lowest in its 61 year old history. In 2013 the Germane Alpine Club had in total 36 fatalities, which is the third lowest number ever experienced.

While the number of climbers have not dropped a couple of factors are likely to be the primary reason for the lower fatality rate. The Germane Alpine spokesman Thomas Bucher told local media that the decline in deaths toll can be attributed to mobile phones with which one can call for help in time and the high-quality equipment.

"Besides, today's weather forecasts are more reliable. Hikers are no longer surprised by the storm, which can be very dangerous in the mountains,” said Bucher.

While the fatality rate has gone down the number of emergency calls has reached records with up to 1,126 members calling for help in the last two years.

Among the various mountain sports, particularly climbers have a tendency to overestimate themselves, and they were often overstrained by their climbing route.

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