French climber died on the popular and non-technical Mera Peak...

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Mera Peak is a very famous climbing peak in Nepal and not known for its casualties. However, a French climber died Friday after loosing a step on the way back from an unsuccessful attempt on Mera peak at 6,476 meters. Loosing that one step caused the climber to fall 50 meters down.

“His friend called on locals for help but when they reached him he was already dead,” Chandra Dev Rai, police chief of Solukhumbu district, told AFP.

This is a very unfortunate incident as Mera Peak is normally not considered dangerous. However, the incident stresses that you always have to be extra careful when climbing. A single misplaced step can be fatal on any peak, as clearly evidenced by this event.

The body was carried down to Lukla yesterday, the airport of the Everest region. The French embassy has been informed and arrangements have been made to airlift the body from Lukla to Kathmandu.

December is not climbing season in Nepal as it is considered too cold and generally not favourable weather conditions.

This event marks, hopefully, the last trekking and climbing fatality in Nepal for 2014, a tragic year with the cyclone Hudhud ravaging Nepal in October and the Everest Avalanche in April.

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