Gokyo Lake Drowning Needs Your Help

Posted by in Nepal 2019-04-16 13:51:15

I could really use your help because on August 4, 2018, tragically, three teenage boys drowned in Gokyo Lake during an educational trip with their classmates. Their names and ages were Pemba Dorje, 17; Pemba Nuru Sherpa, 16; and Sunil Baraili, 16.

How you can help these boys families, is simply leveraging the audience you have from your social media accounts by sharing our GoFundMe page and our mission so we can raise the final $4100 of the estimated $14,000 it will take to accomplish this recovery operation. It has ALL the details of how this recovery is being planned and our unique experience in recovering drowned victims across North America. We would like to fly into Kathmandu May 8th so urgency in raising the remaining funds is critical.

If you would like to speak with me personally, I can be reached at +1 715-896-9995 (WhatsApp) or reply to this email. will also provide insight to our nonprofit organization, Bruce's Legacy, that conducts search and recovery operations for drowned victims.

It's not easy getting people to concern themselves with boys in a remote lake, most have never heard of. All we ask is to help spread the word of our mission so we can raise what's necessary to provide these families and friends the closure they deserve.

GoFundMe Page:


Jeremy Cormican
+1 715-896-9995
Denver, Colorado

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