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Do you want to have a truly unique experience in Nepal? I would like to
recommend my friend Narayan Pandey to be your guide. In the two years
that I spent in Nepal# Narayan has taken me to places way, and I really
mean way, off the beaten path. If you really want to experience Nepal,
the real Nepal, with regular folks and not being led around on some
packaged commercial tour he is the man to go to. I can also tell you
that he is a man that you can trust, and that is something that can be
hard to find when you are a foreigner in a place like Nepal. He is
equally at home in the mountains (Everest, Annapurna and etc....), the
hills (Ghorka was fabulous), the Terai (Chitwan), in the smallest
villages or in Kathmandu or Pokhara. And he will help you out in any way
he can during your time in Nepal.

The time that I spent in Nepal was, largely thanks to# Narayan Pandey, one of
the best times of my life. I will never forget the breathtaking scenery,
Narayan, his wonderful family, the warmhearted villagers, the
fascinating cultures. I regret that I unfortunately had to return to the
rat race. I will have to return there though someday, not just to be a
tourist again, it is more like I have family there now.
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