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Very warm to you all the visitors, who come from anywhere to Nepal Hiking Trekking Pvt.Ltd. Nepal is beautiful country . We can see lots of natural and cultural beauty. Like Mountains Lakes,fountain,caves,flora and fauna,Rivers,culture,Religious places etc.
Nepal is a birthplace of Lord Buddha. So Nepal is wonderful country for trekking ,climbing and tour activities. It is a land linked country and Himalayan country with versatile attractions.Nepal Hiking Trek can give 100 % satisfaction to the visitor and always heartily welcome them.We provide The Nepal Hiking opportunity in Nepal following this areas e.g. Annapurna Base camp Trek, Everest Base Trek,Langtang Trek and Mustang Trekking.
Nepal Hiking Trek Is totally new and community Based trekking company. It can give you fully satisfaction and make your holiday (leisure) unforgettable,interesting,gainfully and fruitful. please visit us more information…

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