Where to buy trekking equipment in Kathmandu?

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I would love to know where is best place to buy trekking equipment in Nepal? I need basic things like walking boots, down jacket, and sleeping bag.

Are there any good places in Kathmandu where I can buy that cheaply, but still good quality? Would be happy to receive feedback on a few places. All help would be great.


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  • Mosaic Adventure
    Hello Anotnio,

    Thannk you for raising your query on forum.

    Thamel is the best place to purchase equipment in Nepal. If you want to buy genuine branded equipment then you can find showroom of North Face, Black Yak etc on Sanchaykosh Road.

    If you want to purchase inexpensive equipment then there aren't any place in Thamel as per my understanding. For prices you shold visit couple of shops, get idea of costing and then purchase.

    Should you require further informaiton please do not hestiate to post your query here.

  • Nepal Gateway
    Dear Antonio,
    You can buy or hire any kids of trekking equipment in Thamel. If you are just using in Nepal for trekking, it is better to hire.There are made in Nepal and copy from genuine brand.If you want real genuine like North-face, Mountain hadewaer,..., you can go near Sanchaya Kos building and next to Himalayan bank. There are many branded shop and accept all credit cards.
  • Jason
    Just a headsup on this one. I was in Nepal earlier this year and basically you can find everything in Thamel, that is true. Most if the equipment is fake, but it is of very high quality. If you went mountaineering, for real, I would not advise to buy the fake stuff. However, Kathmandu still has high-end equipment brands like:
    - Northface
    - Mountain Hard Wear
    - RedFox Outdoor equipment (Russian brand..)
    - Sherpa Adventure Gear
    etc etc

    In terms of hiking shoes, however, I would highly recommend that you bring some from your own country (if coming from a Western country). Except for the original brands like Northface in Nepal, it is not possible to get proper hiking shoes on the fake market. Your hiking boots are probably one of the most important pieces of equipment on a hike so it is advisable to buy proper ones.

    I hope this was of some help.

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