Best shop to buy trekking equipment in Kathmandu, Nepal?

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Hi Everybody,

I am coming to Nepal for some trekking in early 2015. Slowly starting to get ready and am therefore considering where the best place would be to buy trekking equipment - in Kathmandu, Nepal, or here in the US?

Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.



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  • Trek Nepal Intʼl PVT.LTD
    Dear Patrick,

    You can hire or buy trekking gears in Thamel, KAthmandu. Also you can buy US standard gears here like original North Face.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Rasmus Juul Olsen
    Hi Patrick,

    As Trek Nepal says there is a lot of very decent trekking equipment in Thamel, the tourist district in Kathmandu. Much of it is fake, but actually of a very high standard. If you were going for climbing Mt. Everest or another serious mountain I would at any time recommend to buy the original brands. However, for trekking in the Himalayas the equipment they have in Thamel, is of sufficient quality.

    After arrival in Kathmandu, if you go to Thamel Chowk, face Thamel, and then turn left, you will 60 meters down the road come to a shop named Shonas. It's run by an Australian guy. They have fixed prices but everything is fair and they tell what is fake and what is real. Personally, I would highly recommend that shop.

    As mentioned above also, should you be looking for real equipment, Kathmandu a number of high-end original brands, some of which are:
    - North Face
    - Mountain Hard Wear
    - Sherpa Adventure Gear

    Compared with Europe I guess it is relatively cheaper to buy trekking equipment in the US. However, I am sure that the prices will be significantly lower in Thamel, and often the quality will be almost the same. If you are looking for the high-end brands however, it will probably be even cheaper to buy the in the US.

    Hope the above was helpful.

  • Shivam Group Holiday
    Just head to Thamel area. There are lots of shops which provides trekking gears and equipments. Just roam for a bit and compare the prices. And head to a shop which matches your budget. Just dont forget to bargain.
  • Himalayan Sanctuary Adventure
    Dear Patrick
    You can buy or hire US standered trekking gear in Thamel, Kathmandu.
  • Best Free Travel Tips
    Kalapatthar Trekking store is the best trekking equipment store. I also buy trekking equipment this store.
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