Why must you visit the Kingdom of Bhutan now?

Posted by in Bhutan 2018-11-07 05:44:51

➢Because it is the Last Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom.
➢The environment is unspoiled and pristine.
➢The Amazing Landscape, majestic mountains with breathtaking waterfalls.
➢Living culture of enchanting sacred rituals and colourful festivals.
➢600 species of orchids, 675 of birds and 178 species of mammals
➢Ancient monasteries, its imposing architecture and humbling experience.
➢Fascinating humbleness of the people
While the government tries it best to preserve its unique culture and Tradition; Bhutan, like any other country, is looking forward to the 21st century and it is changing. Therefore, what are you waiting for?
Come let us show you the wonders of Bhutan now.

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