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Food Tours

No tour can give you a sense of place quite so quickly or evocatively as a food tour. From the richly flavored spice blends of North Africa and the Middle East to the Cajun cuisine of the southern United States, the bush tucker of Aboriginal Australia, or the curries of the Indian subcontinent, food is one of the best ways to explore a new destination and its culture.

Instantly connecting you not only to the destination but to the people resident in the city or region, food tours provide a means of interaction with locals that goes above and beyond any language difficulties.

A way of discovering new favorites and expanding your comfort zone with a whole host of new sights, tastes, and smells, food tours also open up unique perspectives into a destination, since local produce plays such an important role in the history and culture of a region. What are the monuments of Italy without a bowlful of freshly prepared pasta, or the landscapes of South America without its native fayre?

Here are our top food tour destinations to taste your way around:

Get more than a taste of a destination with a dedicated food tour!