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Panoramic view of the Colosseum in Rome

Europe Tours and Holidays 2018/2019

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or you just enjoy the finer things in life, a trip to Europe has something to offer every type of traveller. The continent’s 50 countries are diverse in their size, climate and traditions - and price points! With fine cuisine (including some unusual delicacies - think escargot ...

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Tour Reviews

4.7 - Excellent Based on 11423 customer reviews
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Car and Driver on Demand in Lisbon - Fixed Price
Silverio Benny Tan From Philippines At
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
Fantastic Experience in the Finland Wilderness Reviewed Tour: Finnish Wilderness Week
Sandra Cohen From France At
5 - Excellent
“The staff, equipment, accomodations, location, food, and activities were outstanding. I loved staying, dogsledding and snowshoeing in pristine, gorgeous, magical suroundings. There were plenty of activities to do/try as a group or on my own with new found friends. All the winter clothing and equipment available made the trip particularly stress free and easy to pack for.
I loved every minute of this trip and highly recommend it!”
Challenging Beginners X Country Reviewed Tour: Cross-country Skiing: Kvitavatn
Sandra Cohen From France At
4 - Very Good
“Ilse and Mary did their best as group leaders to provide our group of 24 with a great experience. However, as a complete beginner I would have preferred - as they too suggested- another leader to make the groups smaller and more homogeneous. I had signed up for this trip expressly to learn the basics and gain confidence on the skis. However I had difficulty keeping up with others and ultimately had less fun than I had hoped.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: The Complete Vatican Tour
Edward Beveridge From USA At
5 - Excellent
Review of Southern Runner December 2017 Reviewed Tour: Southern Runner 2017-18
Jamesetta Collins From USA At
4 - Very Good
“This trip was fantastic! Being that it was my first international travel, I was anxious but after a day with this group I felt at ease. On our coach bus we had so much diversity-people from different part of the world! It was so nice to hear different accents. Everyone, including the tour guide-Jess- and driver, were so nice. I even made a lifetime friend!

We saw so many things and places that I know I might had not been able to see if I had plan a trip on my own. I really like the fact that the tour guide provided us with recommendations. During the duration of the trip, my boyfriend and I had our own room two times! I was told me probably wouldn't so we were prepared to not sleep in the same room, but we actually did!

The only downside to the trip is that you have only a 1/1.5 day to sight-see in each city and that the WiFi on the bus goes away really quickly. In regards to sightseeing, we made it work and saw all the attractions we wanted to see. Overall, I would totally recommend this trip.”
Nice Guide tour, Clenn, and excellent trip. Reviewed Tour: 3 Hour Barcelona Segway Explorer Tour
Kaimuk Kunawuthiwat From Thailand At
5 - Excellent
“The trip is excellent with nice guide tour, Clenn.
Also, robotcity is very good.”
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Western Compass 2018-19
Sushil Aryal From Australia At
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
Superb Reviewed Tour: Louvre Highlights Express
Nigel Moore From UK At
5 - Excellent
“The line was very long to get in. It was nice to go with a tour guide and skip the whole line. The tour guide told stories.”
Superb Reviewed Tour: Last Entry Louvre Tour: Mona Lisa at her stunning best
Andres Fuhre From Germany At
5 - Excellent
“Excellent guide. This is the only way I will ever go to the Louvre. Took my daughter-in-law for her first visit and she was in awe during the entire tour. I've joined several Walks of Italy tours (in Rome) and they have all been superb. Highly recommended.”

Europe - Travel Highlights and Travel Tips

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or you just enjoy the finer things in life, a trip to Europe has something to offer every type of traveller. The continent’s 50 countries are diverse in their size, climate and traditions - and price points! With fine cuisine (including some unusual delicacies - think escargot and haggis), world-renowned art and music, and 23 officially recognised languages, Europe is a cultural labyrinth that fuels wanderlust.

With so much to see, do, eat and buy, planning a Europe tour is no easy feat. There are, of course, the typical sightseeing musts: Paris’ Louvre, London’s Tower Bridge, and Rome’s Colosseum. Even Europe’s most frequent visitors will always find something new to discover. Read on for our top travel tips and tour highlights (though we’re sure there’s plenty we’ve missed!).

Travel Highlights

  • Go back in time and explore the ruins of ancient civilisations in Italy and Greece
  • Snack on cheese and wine (or escargot, if you’re feeling adventurous) in the Champ de Mars, beneath the Eiffel Tower
  • Ride a bicycle through the townhouse-lined streets of Amsterdam before touring the canals by boat
  • Listen to the romantic songs of the gondoliers as you cruise through the canals of Venice
  • Indulge in an authentic Belgian waffle, drowned in chocolate
  • Enjoy an ice cold beer from a beer stein at Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Hike from village to village in Italy’s Cinque Terre
  • Get lost between the shelves of some of the world’s most beautiful libraries, like those at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), Mafra Palace (Mafra, Portugal), and the Clementinum Baroque Library Hall (Prague, Czech Republic)

Travel Tips

  • Travelling by rail is one of the easiest (and sometimes cheapest) ways to get around Europe, especially if you plan to travel for a couple of weeks (or longer). Investigate rail passes before you visit, particularly ones that can be used between countries. Interrail and Eurail are very popular among travellers.
  • Don’t skip the “touristy” destinations. Everyone travels differently, but the most popular European highlights are popular for a reason. Brave the crowds and be sure to stop by those more cliché sights - you’ll be glad you did.
  • Try not to over prepare! One of the great benefits of visiting Europe is that it’s incredibly easy to travel between towns and countries. Allow yourself some flexibility to open yourself up to new adventures (and avoid travel burnout).
  • Chances are you don’t speak 23 different languages, so be prepared before you travel. Avoid carrying around heavy guide books by downloading a translation app in your phone.
  • Note that not all countries use the Euro, including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Hungary (among several others). Do your research beforehand and be ready to juggle different currencies if you’re planning an extensive trip.
  • Travelling on a budget? Consider looking for accommodation outside the city centre. Most large European cities are very well connected by public transportation, meaning all your bucket list sites are just a quick (and often inexpensive) bus, train, or metro ride away.
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