About Us

The Wildfire Expeditions team are outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for adventure. We are trekkers, divers, yogis, travelers, explorers. We invite people with a desire to challenge themselves, expand personal goals, and grow beyond perceived limits to explore with us. Whether your passion is high altitude trekking, climbing to a summit and abseiling down, diving some of the remote wonders of the world, or rejuvenating your spirit with a mindful yoga experience, we offer expeditions that are both challenging and rewarding.

We promise a journey that will answer questions you never thought to ask…. Wildfire Expeditions offers you the adventure of a lifetime. Multiple times.

Why book with Us

Wildfire Expeditions pick locations that are out of the ordinary. We are passionate about exploration be it to the remote islands of the Indonesian archipelago or the western frontiers of Mongolia, among the mountain ranges of Taiwan or the alpine scenery in the southern hemisphere.

Wildfire Expeditions offer experiences that go beyond what you will find elsewhere. We invite you on a journey with us, a journey to experience the richness of the natural world and a journey of self-discovery. We challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and embrace life. Embrace the expanse of the mountains and widen your perspectives; soak in the beauty of the underwater world to relax into the dive; use the adrenaline of the climb to overcome your fear of heights; surprise yourself by what you achieve and how far you come on an expedition. Challenge yourself and be rewarded in ways that stay with you well beyond the adventure itself.

We will train with you, we will walk alongside you. We will live the adventure with you. We challenge you to go for what you see as the impossible, knowing that we will be with you every step of the way.

Tours and Holidays by Wildfire Expeditions Adventure Travel

Wildfire Expeditions Adventure Travel has not yet published any tours.