About Us

Guided canoe tour in the nature of The Netherlands. With Wetlands Safari you learn about why the country is planned the way as it is. When you are canoeing you will see cows, birds, as godwit in the spring, lovely flowers. Half way we have a picnic on a island.
And the tour start and finished at a picturesque Old Holland village.
It is a landscape that the Dutch painters Ruysdael and Rembrandt all ready inspired.

Why book with Us

This is THE tour to get out of Amsterdam and to find a peaceful area, so near the city.
To travel by canoe, give you a special way to see waterbirds, smeel the flowers.
We visit a island where you are walking over water and have there an picnic with also typical Dutch products.
And peddling a long Old Dutch houses is something what you never will forget.

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