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  • Winston Edwards
  • From USA
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Royal Cities & Essaouira from Marrakech
"The trip was well organized and they were very accommodating to the needs of my elderly parents."
  • Maria G
  • On
4 - Very Good
for Discover Morocco with Essaouira every Friday
"My vocabulary of superlatives cannot express how amazing, fantastic, awesome, fabulous, joyful this vacation was."
  • Michel S
  • On
4 - Very Good
for Discover Morocco with Essaouira every Friday
"I felt like a family member rather than just a tourist.
I have traveled twice with Websynergy (tour group) and i am totaly satisfied with the amazing services. and the full assistance from the arrival day until departur eday."
  • Joe Lukibano
  • On
4 - Very Good
"Absolutely fantastic!
Everything about this tour group was excellent.
From airport pick up to airport drop off it was door to door great service. When I booked trip I had no idea that it would turn out to be a fabulous adventure with so many cities and sights and wonderful locals who gave us all an education in the rich history of Morocco. Informed, fun loving and incredibly attentive to any and all of our large group's needs, Trips to Morocco gave us all one of the best experiences of our lives."
  • Manuella
  • On
4 - Very Good
for Royal Cities of Morocco Tour from Casablanca
"Friendly atmospheres"

About Us

We are a Moroccan tour supplier that creates cultural/historical multiday tours with weekly 100% guaranteed departures and daily excursions. These tours start from different Moroccan cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier and Fez. The best thing about booking our tours is that you do not have to worry about any minimum participant requirement. All departures are guaranteed (unless affected by external forces) and instantly booking.

We also create private tours according to clients' desire and budget.

Why book with Us

We provide a large Moroccan inventory, and work with professional, credible suppliers (transportation, restaurants to hotels, and so on) who provide us with high quality services. Our team is always at your disposal to assist you and answer all your queries and share with you Morocco's history and culture.

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