About Us

From a decade of wanderings across this country of cultural diversity taking the road less taken, Unventured brings some of the best adventure acitivites to experience Incredible India!

At Unventured, we are obsessed with the need to provide travelers an off the beaten path real world experience of India that will leave them amazed. We do this with the element of safety and security in mind and provide simple but essential support to discover the Unventured – natural wealth, cultural diversity and natural history of Incredible India!

Why book with Us

At Unventured we work closely with local teams committed to ensuring that our tours not only support the local economies but also respect the local cultures. We do this by employing local guides and drivers, staying mostly in family run accommodation and where possible building relationships with the local communities.

Ensuring that our trips make as little environmental impact as possible is also essential to us. We unlike “tourist” groups welcome travellers who promote and believe in the self-sustainable way of life and are aware of leaving as little carbon footprints and environmental damages as possible.

With Unventured you will be travelling in small groups averaging 12 people (not exceeding 16). We feel that this is important because along with restricting environmental damage and disturbance as possible, this also makes it easier to make genuine contact with local people. We have also found that in smaller groups it can be easier to develop a sense of camaraderie and friendship with your fellow travellers, which adds to the whole essence of an Unventured Experience.

Tours and Holidays by Unventured

Unventured has not yet published any tours.