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  • jacki
  • From England
  • On
"I would do it all over again. The team is outstanding.
Outstanding operator"
  • Elise
  • From England
  • On
"we recommend truly egypt"
  • Clerriottj
  • From England
  • On
"Amazing service, great staff,beatiful hotel in cairo ,luxury nile cruise,transfers,amazing tour guides can’t fault it. Just amazing and excellent. This tour is unreal and we felt like in fairy tale. Not the first visit and definitely not the last visit."
  • Anonymous
  • From Brazil
  • On
"Unfortunately Trully Egypt through 2 employees came to demand tips in advance of the stipulated amount of 50 Euros each for me and my girlfriend. But for other people the value was even higher or they didn't charge in advance. This is extremely embarrassing to charge in advance and not have provided the service. Tourists are generous and tip, stay calm Trully Egypt! Not to mention that the service provided would not be worth 50 Euros each because it was very simple. For this, we left around 15% of the value of the tour we paid on tour. The food wasn't bad, but always the same. Drinks sold on the ship are expensive and they sell you 330ml soda and you get 250ml at the table, that is, even that is dishonesty."
  • liam
  • From USA
  • On
"best agent we have seen in Egypt"

About Us

Truly Egypt Tours, with head office in Luxor, was established in 2000.

We have a wide range of high quality assistance and we offer a variety of packages, from incentive groups to religious trips. Over the years, Truly Egypt has worked with a large number of foreign tour operators and has provided them with a first class service. Our six divisions are able to meet all the major tourism requirements.

Truly Egypt Tours specializes in inbound and outbound tourism from all over the world and is currently ranked among the top handling agents in Egypt. Our head office is situated in Luxor. In addition to that, we have 6 branches situated throughout Egypt: Cairo, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam.


Why book with Us

Looking for something different?

At Truly Egypt Tours, we cater tours for everyone — whether you are looking for a special holiday with all your friends or on your own.

Whether you prefer a luxurious vacation, or just a classic stay in the land of the pharaohs, Truly Egypt Tours will be your home-away from your home

Tours and Holidays by Truly Egypt Tours

Truly Egypt Tours has not yet published any tours.