About Us

We set up Tadele Travel to share our knowledge of the country with travellers who were keen to not only experience remarkable landscapes, wildlife and history of Ethiopia, but also the culture, warmth and hospitality of Ethiopians themselves.

As a team of experienced expert guides, travel and event management professionals, our aim is to bridge the gap between travellers and Ethiopia by providing reliable information and advice, and creating authentic experiences to match with your available time, budget and expectations.

For us, the foundation of designing journeys that achieve this is understanding local culture and values. All the experiences we offer respect the local people, customs, wildlife and natural environment of Ethiopia. They’re also all led by us, and at no stage in your journey will you be passed to another tour operator.

Why book with Us

We want everyone to love and experience Ethiopia as we do, and so what we offer is an authentic experience of an extraordinary country and its people.


We know Ethiopia – our people, our culture and our language – like no other specialist travel company. This is reflected in the travel suggestions we make and the details of our planning. Our directors, Girma and Richard, are either the native speaker or fluent in Amharic and have unique personal experience of and connections to Ethiopia.


With the exception of our running and cycling tours, we don’t have any set itineraries. Your trip will be thoughtfully designed according to your travel party, the time you have available, and your interests. We’ll arrange everything for you, including your flights, transfers, meals and accommodation in some of the country’s top hotels, eco-lodges and community-owned huts. We’re more than happy to travel to meet with you personally to discuss your Ethiopian experience.


At all times, you’ll be guided by one of Ethiopia’s best guides who will be with you throughout your journey. We know each of them personally and have worked or travelled with them ourselves. They not only have the required qualifications and vast guiding experience but also have personal connections to and first-hand knowledge of the communities you’ll be visiting. Besides sharing facts about the history and wildlife, they’ll give you insight into the subtleties of Ethiopian culture and make sure you have plenty of opportunities to experience every-day life and local traditions.


We are respectful of local people, wildlife and the environment, and this is reflected in our travel and accommodation options. We also understand what Ethiopians need for tourism to benefit them directly, and we work only with guides, lodges and community initiatives that we know help make this happen. We’ll also only take you to areas where we know that you’ll be happy and where your presence has a positive impact on local communities.


When you book your Ethiopian adventure with us, you’re protected by the ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence). Our ATO license ensures that any money you spend on booking your holiday is safe, even if we were to cease trading. Out ATOL number is 11251

Tours and Holidays by Tadele Travel

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