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  • mark ralph harold gardner
  • From England
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5 - Excellent
for Lakes, Glaciers and Bohemian Buenos Aires
"Were a pleasure to work with, responsive, on time and customer focused - what more can you ask for ?"
  • Robert Bixby
  • From USA
  • On
2 - Poor
for Lakes, Glaciers and Bohemian Buenos Aires
"After completing the trip, I don't think Bookmundi added any value. They were non responsive when we had an issue. Basically, Bookmundi gave us several tour operator options, one of which was this local travel specialist. While the local travel specialist said that she had traveled throughout Chilean Patagonia, neither she nor the agency actually booked our travel. The entire trip was subcontracted to Gran Patagonia, an operator in Coyhaique, Chile. The local travel specialist gave us their 24 hour contact that we could reach. We had to contact them as soon as we landed because the travel voucher said to contact Gran Patagonia for our car at the airport. Gran Patagonia has no presence at the airport and after about 45 minutes they told us to go to the Mitta counter. Mitta was involved with one group at the counter for an hour. When it was our turn, they indicated that they only had one car left and it was a pretty badly beat up very small Subaru. But off we went. The vouchers from Gran Patagonia were bereft of any information or guidance. They simply had the name of the hotel and frequently the name was at least partially incorrect. When we mapped a section from Caleta Gonzalo to Feteleufu that required a 5 hour drive and we were supposed to arrive for rafting at nine thirty in the morning, we contacted the agency and the person told us that we would have to start dealing with Gran Patagonia because they could not solve our problem. Luckily the raft company had availability in the afternoon.

While Gran Patagonia knew the good lodges, they were not helpful with problems or issues which I think is the most important part of what an agent does. For example, during a hike on a steep, wet trail, I fell and strained my knee. Our next lodge was in Caleta Tortel, a town with no roads and hundreds of stairs to get down to the bay and back up to the lodge. I immediately contacted the agent and requested changing the second night to the next lodge as well as a third night on our return trip. She promised to do so. I contacted here twice more and she finally said that she would keep trying to contact the next lodge. When we arrived at the next lodge in Villa O'Higgins, the owner said that they had never been contacted, but that they had had availability. And then when I contacted the agency about the third night at Tortel, which I had requested be changed 5 days in advance, they told me it was not possible. This was hard to believe in that they have significant leverage with the lodges as they send them so much business. I could enumerate other issues, but this is a sample.

Here is my summary of the trip. Bookmundi added no value. The local travel specialist also added no value because they subcontracted everything and could solve no problems. Gran Patagonia provided an itinerary with minimal information and vouchers that were worse and was not supportive when issues arose.

That being said, we loved Chilean Patagonia. The people we met were fantastic. Having spent a month, there are things we would do differently of course. I would not recommend any of these operators however."
  • Robin Flagg
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
for Lakes, Glaciers and Bohemian Buenos Aires
  • Ronald Macfarlane
  • From Canada
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Deserts, Jungle and Falls
"The travel specialist was very responsive to my requests and interests and customized the tour to meet my travel constraints."
  • Matteo Negro
  • On
""We have little else to say but THANKS for all of your help during the organization of our trip to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. It has been an amazing experience for us all the way through and your ceaseless support has been truly paramount for us. We found an excellent level of service with you and everything was super smooth."

About Us

In 1999, based on the passion for exploring our region, Say Hueque Journeys was born!
We are a travel company based in Argentina that creates experience-driven trips in Argentina & Chile focused on connecting travelers with nature and local culture.

We are explorers – We are passionate – We are nature enthusiasts. We know how to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier to avoid crowds, when to trek in Torres del Paine for an intimate experience with the Patagonian mountains and what time of day to visit Iguazú Falls to enjoy the best day-light and a personal encounter with this wonder of nature.

At Say Hueque, we put regenerative travel at the heart of what we do. This is why we plant native trees in Patagonia, we compensate carbon emissions, we operate plastic-free trips, and we are committed to improving local communities' livelihood.
We are firmly convinced that making a positive impact in the places we visit is how we are leading to a more sustainable, responsible, and meaningful way of exploring Argentina & Chile

Why book with Us


Say Hueque is a tour operator based in Argentina, and since 1999 we have specialized in providing customized trips to independent-minded travelers throughout Argentina & Chile.

We want to share our knowledge and guide you to experience an authentic, memorable and responsible encounter with nature and local people in this amazing part of the world.

Being 100% carbon neutral and plastic-free is how we decided to thank Mother Nature (Pacha Mama) for the beauty of our landscapes. This is the way we love to travel.

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