About Us

Rug&Rock is an exciting company founded by and for enthusiastic travellers from a variety of different backgrounds. We have many years experience of adventure travel, mountaineering and sport and most of us have also taken part in social projects overseas, especially in Morocco.

Our people love sport and nature, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and trekking through the most remote places and exploring the unexplored. During this time we have been lucky enough to share experiences with local communities, and to respectfully participate in their everyday lives.

It was here we first experienced the value of sustainable small-group travelling, as opposed to traditional holidays, as a tool for transformation and development. We discovered how communities not only welcome visitors into their homes and their lives but also feel proud and delighted to share their landscapes, their culture and their crafts in what we coined as an exchange of admiration, a phenomenon we believe can reshape the way we approach travelling.

We wanted to share this feeling and from these personal experiences, Rug & Rock Adventures was born.

We hope you join us on our adventure holidays and enjoy them as much as we enjoy curating them and working here.

Why book with Us

As an adventure travel tour operator running life-changing expeditions in Spain, Morocco, Greece and further afield, we're showing the positive impact that small-group travel can have upon destinations, local communities and the natural environment.

Our guiding ethos: What Benefits One Must Benefit All.

Our travellers explore dramatic landscapes while helping preserve them. We help communities build sustainable tourism around an “exchange of admiration”, fostering respect and understanding between cultures – and we build commercial relationships with the natural world that actively work to preserve it.

We help people sleep in the desert under more stars they've ever seen in their life. We take them through magnificent rocky gorges, up the sides of mountains and down roaring waterfalls, through beautiful remote villages and along stunning coastlines...

And it's all done by creating respectful relationships that benefit all sides equally.

We're proving it can be done – one incredible, transforming adventure at a time.

Tours and Holidays by Rug & Rock Adventures

Rug & Rock Adventures has not yet published any tours.