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for Wonders of Uzbekistan
"We Just got back yesterday from our Uzbekistan Tour. Our tour was Excellent! The tour Operator Responsible Travel, Sherzod's team, was excellent. They did everything well..something we rarely experience on tours like this.

I think they really understood what we wanted from the write-up we provided. We were able to walk around the city, with well placed hotels. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, warm, and fluent in English. Every detail was taken care of, the cars were clean and new, and everything happened on time, which we loved.

I think overall, it was very well organized, despite our last minute travel. I would give this tour operator 5-stars, with no reservations.

Tips for travellers

1. Plan ahead. Sep-Oct seems to be peak season. While the operator can do a lot, they may be constrained in such things as hotels and trains if you wait until the very last minute

2. Give a detailed writeup of what your specific expectations are, so that the tour operator can find you exactly what you want. We did, and got almost exactly what we wanted.

3. Tell the tour operator your outdoor ability - e.g. long hikes may not be for everyone

4. Learn just a few Uzbek greeting phrases. Uzbek people are warm, they are delighted when someone responds back to them in their tongue."

About Us

Responsible Travel is based in Uzbekistan.

We specialize in small group-trekking tours, Eco tours, and cultural and adventure tours; all our tours offer unique opportunities to explore Uzbekistan in a very authentic way.

Why book with Us

We promote the development of Community Based Tourism (CBT) in the Nuratau mountain villages located in central Uzbekistan. By promoting the development of CBT in the Nuratau mountains, we give local people opportunities to earn additional income from Eco-tourism and we try to motivate them to protect the environment.

As a socially responsible tour operator, we also organize social projects (such as drinking water system improvement, school renovation, etc) aimed at improving living conditions of the locals in areas that receive tourists.

By booking our tours, you support a local company that has committed itself to protect the environment, improve the living conditions in villages and create additional income for local people from tourism.

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Wonders of Uzbekistan

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14 days From US$ 1,460 US$ 1,387

Chimgan Trek: 3 Days

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