About Us

Pyrus Eagles is formed by a group of passionate, talented, professional, skilled pilots ready to take you and your group on a fun filled, awe inspiring, memorable helicopter adventure. We are based in Kasane, within Serondela section, or Chobe riverfront. Chobe National Park has one of the largest concentration of game in Africa. This is probably the most visited park, partly because of its proximity to the famous ‘Mighty’ Victoria Falls.

Chobe National Park can be divided up to 4 Park sections, each corresponding to one distinct ecosystem, namely:
- Serondela area (or Chobe riverfront).
- The Savuti Marsh area.
- The Linyanti Marsh area.
- Between Linyanti and Savuti marshes lies a hot and dry hinterland, mainly occupied by the Nogatsaa grass woodland. This section is little known and is a great place for spotting elands.

Why book with Us

- We can simply add magic to your adventure by flying you deep into the wild.
- We don't circle on one area during the scenic tours like most operators do.
- We fly over vast area and we return on totally different path after tour.

Book with us, and you will never be disappointed.

Tours and Holidays by Pyrus Eagles

Pyrus Eagles has not yet published any tours.