Pongyang Zipline & Jungle Coaster

Pongyang Zipline & Jungle Coaster, a new and exciting experience for adventure who love extreme activities…. We challenge you to try!!!


Your safety is very important. We only use high quality imported equipment from PETZL; a renowned French company.

All the equipment and all the platforms are examined every day before the first customer arrives. Our team is highly experienced and are experts in zipline operation; they are trained in all aspects of safety and in firs aid

Pongyang Zipline & Jungle Coaster is situated close to the main road and is easy to locate. The travel duration from Chiang Mai town to Pongyang Zipline & Jungle Coaster is approximate 45 minuites and there are many additional tourist attraction in the surrounding area.

Sun Protection Lotion
Mosquitoes and Insect reparil spray.
Sport shoes

Get ready to be excited and have fun with Pongyang Zipline & Jungle Coaster.

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