About Us

Pegu Travels is a Myanmar-based Destination Management Company (DMC), based in Yangon. We consist of a team with over 24 years of experience that loves to serve travellers from all around the world.

Our main focus is adventure trips, including following our spirit of responsible tourism. We constantly develop new and exclusive products in order to ensure that our travellers enjoy the best and most hidden parts of Myanmar, which was recently opened to tourism.

Why book with Us

We have good relationships and great rates with all kind of suppliers due to our experience and the fact that we are a Myanmar-based company. However, the key point is that we constantly develop new products and experiences together with local communities, so we can really say our offer is very different from competitors, focusing on unique activities and off-the-beaten-track itineraries.

In a saturated market like Myanmar, where all travel agents seem to be offering the same, this is very important to stand out from the framework of temples and pagoda tours, increasingly touristy trekking options and other common activities.

Finally, we are experts at crafting great custom-made itineraries following our clients' wishes. We can propose many options adapted to each adventurer, families, couples, groups and individual travelers.

We look forward to serve you and providing you with an unforgettable adventure in Myanmar.

Tours and Holidays by Pegu Travels

Pegu Travels has not yet published any tours.