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Visit Paris, yes, but visit Paris in a 2CV! The Paris Authentic's Parisian drivers offer a tour of Paris charming for an unusual discovery of the capital. We developed rides adapted to the desires of each. Visit Paris by 2CV otherwise and ship time an unusual journey to the heart of the swamp the village of Saint Paul at the top of Montmartre to visit Paris in a romantic way or visit Paris at night with a bottle of champagne for pure relaxation! From one hour the ride to the whole day tour, everything is possible, you are in Citroën 2CV! When visiting Paris in the most legendary French car becomes magical, retro, cosi ... and unusual Paris is yours!

Paris is a truly exciting city for anyone who loves to travel and visit the great cities with different facets. Napoleonic imperialism, romanticism in Montmartre, the steep streets of the Marais, the popular and bohemian Paris of the East, and many more! When a chance to visit Paris, you realize the rich cultural diversity that is home everyday. Visit Paris that you like or visit paris leaving you surprised by its villages and atypical, modern, luxurious and bohemian neighborhoods!

At once seductive, imperial, mythical, medieval, unusual and surprising Paris just waiting for from its visitors that they devour their desires of the moment in a 2CV!

Visit Paris with Paris Authentic's 2CV, is to dive with the legendary Citroën 2CV in the heart of the capital! What a joy to bling up the Champs Elysees with the first popular car! What charm of visiting Paris time for a bohemian atmosphere amidst the medieval streets of the village Saint Paul or antiquarians relive the history of Paris ... What return to the days of gladiators falling on your visit to the Arena of Lutèce! Be sure to visit Paris in a 2CV has a different flavor! The reputation of the 2CV was done alone, it goes everywhere, for all time. Certainly, the 2 CV and Paris are made to get along, they are immortal!


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The 2CV is a great way to discover Paris differently. Our cars have transparent see-through roofs. It is private tours with hotel pick up and return.

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