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Båtservice Sightseeing AS has since 1947 arranged guided tours with bus and boat from Rådhusbrygge 3.

“Now it’s summer” is an expression among Oslo dwellers. Early spring and well into October you can see the small yellow boats on the fjord. You see them the whole day, 5 boats running different tours and routes.

Båtservice Sightseeing since1947. Finn B. Røer got the idea for this company right after the WWII. They would help sail people to get up and down to Hankø spring and autumn and tug sail boats to regattas and release.

In 1947 they also saw that it could be a market for bringing tourists around the beautiful fjord. This led to building a small boat that could take 16 passengers, then the second boat came in 1948 and could take 35 persons and in 1949 came the first diesel engine boat build for 42 people. The constructor were Sigurd Herbern which would later be responsible for many of the plans for future boats.

In 1951 Finn B. Røer & company took over and ran the passenger traffic between Oslo city and Bygdøy, Skibs AS Bygdøfergerne since 1897. These were old steam ferries which all wore the name "Framnæs”. Finn B. Røer invested in new equipment and in 1953 he built "Båtservice IV" and "Båtservice V" in Dollard, Holland for a new triangle route “town hall-Dronningen-Bygdøynes” the same we run today.

Every season you will see our captains and guides smiling making tourists and the population of Oslo get the best experience on the fjord. From the 1970s all activities were gathered at City Hall pier 3 where we still have our headquarters.
During winter the old aircraft hangar on Gressholmen, Norway’s first international airport, hosts three of the boats while two are on the water throughout winter.

In 1984, withdrew the executive director Finn B. Røer out of company that he had led for nearly 50 years. He left the company to his longtime office manager Hermud and his daughter Gro. In 2000 the operations were taken over by Norway Yacht Charter AS and the yellow boat will hopefully be for the benefit of tourists and the city's population for many years to come.

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