About Us

Lovelindo is a local tour operator. Our base is on Medan, North Sumatera.
Our motto is “Enjoy Indonesia” as we believe deep cultural understanding will make your travel to be special. Lovelindo (Lovely Indonesia) is more than just a vacation. We aim to provide you with a life-altering experience. With our adventure trips you will really get to know a particular country, appreciate the local people, exploring the local art, local food and see and do things beyond your wildest dreams. Lovelindo is unlike any other travel company because the trip we provide consists of the best places we could find throughout our own extensive backpacking experiences. We bring you beyond the typical tourist trail and let you discover destinations that any solo traveler or group would love to find.

Tours and Holidays by Lovelindo (Lovely Indonesia)

Lovelindo (Lovely Indonesia) has not yet published any tours.