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  • Narda Smithers
  • From Australia
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Toki 14-Day Tour of Japan
"The unique and quintessential approach that the team at Kichi Japan showed me was paramount to my amazing, unforgettable and life changing journey through Japan. Their passion, knowledge and incredible commitment to my experience was brilliant and very much appreciated!! From graffiti lessons, sake making (& tasting), homestays, festivals, cultural immersion with traditional and futuristic adventures, I fell in love with Japan and Kichi Japan was the successful match maker! Domo arigatogozaimashita ! See you again next year"
  • Michael and Sandy Murphy
  • From USA
  • On
4.5 - Excellent
for Toki 14-Day Tour of Japan
"My husband and I called Kichi Japan just a short month out from our departure. We wanted to add a trip on to an existing trip we already had planned to go visit family. This company was fabulous!! They ask what you wanted to see, your interests and then custom make an itinerary to fit your needs. Ours was a short trip of 5 nights but was packed with things to do. The hotel choices were great. Very nice a fairly roomy for Japan and the locations were outstanding. They provide an excellent restaurant recommendation list, the ones we tried were excellent. The best part was when we got lost or took the wrong train all we had to do was text them and they would get us right back on track, their response time was always immediate. Only thing I would recommend is if the temple, shrine, or castles you visit has a guided tour it is well worth the expense to do it, you learn so much more about the place and its history. We would differently use Kichi Japan again!"
  • Diana Irimia
  • From England
  • On
"Kichi Japan made travelling through Japan easier, less stressful and undoubtedly more enjoyable. As Japan is definitely different in terms of culture and food from everything my sister and I have seen before, we were quite nervous at the start of our trip. Seeing the detailed itinerary (with maps and links for locations and hotels) put our nerves at ease.
They are extremely knowledgeable about Japanese culture and language and has created a bespoke itinerary to match our interests. At the same time, they were always ready if anything went different from the already planned schedule.
This tour definitely exceeded our expectations. Everything from planning to inside tips on where to eat was on point.
Definitely recommend booking a guided tour in each city you visit, it makes a big difference and would've learned a lot more about Kyoto if we had one as was the case with the other places we visited.
Thank you again for this unforgettable experience!"
  • Dan Marlow
  • From England
  • On
"Kichi Japan made our trip to Japan an experience of a lifetime - we had such a blast. Our tour guide was extremely passionate about what he does and this is evident with his endless energy and enthusiasm. He continually goes above and beyond with what is expected and as well as having masses of fun he taught us so much about the culture and history of this fascinating country. 5 stars isn't a high enough rating, hands down he is the best tour we have ever had."
  • Jacob Wilson
  • From USA
  • On
"Our tour leader was absolutely phenomenal. His knowledge of the culture as well as his practical skills as a guide undoubtedly enhanced my experience in Japan in a way that can only be expressed verbally as exponentially positive. He always had a ton of energy, was always excited and engaged with what we were doing, and just genuinely made the trip so much fun. I love all things athletic and outdoor activities like hiking and climbing and our tour leader was giving me a true run for my money on all of our outdoor activities. The fact that our tour leader was also one of the best hikers and runners made the trip that much more enjoyable. Overall, amazing. No negative feedback, I had the best time of my life."

About Us

Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences. We want to provide you with the best experience that you can possibly have while in Japan. We aim to help you dive deep into the culture and to see Japan from every angle.

From its high-speed, futuristic cities to its relaxing and inviting villages, we promise a well-rounded itinerary that delivers a full experience of Japan and all it has to offer.

Why book with Us

We are not your average tour company. Other companies are often spread thin by trying to offer packages for multiple countries simultaneously, and only offering surface-level experiences without delving deep into the culture.

Kichi Japan is unique, in that, we specialize in tours for Japan. In addition to that, our tours are not built by people from outside of Japan looking for new destinations to expand their business.

Our tours are designed by a team of passionate people who live here, and are familiar with its ins and outs. This intimate first-hand knowledge and experience about Japan is how we deliver our one-of-a-kind unforgettable experience(s).

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