About Us

Trips to the card and custom. You'll never go back completely like a trip to Asia with Khuon Tour. Our circuit concept in Cambodia you will have the power to enrich and transform yourself for the better.
For many years we have forged unique in Asia. Consistent with the profound nature of people and sense of place, we worked with original circuits rich privileged encounters, authentic and often exclusive all thanks to our large family scattered across Cambodia and participate in your adventure, see our 'OFF THE BEATEN TRACK'

Why book with Us

our differences
Concept KHUON TOUR, our differences outside the box.
Possibility to sleep in our homes of friends at the headquarters of our agency, exceptional
Our branch concept of Khmer family, will allow direct contact with the population.
If during your visit to Cambodia a wedding is celebrated, we are happy to get involved.
Together we can make a typical meal along the Mekong or campaign.
No imposed hotels you choose, we have contracts with all the hotels. Sue our website you have direct access to the hotel (hotel website, phone number).
No restaurant taxed in Cambodia, you choose.
If you are among us during the Water Festival (November) you will not be with others, but in the gallery to the right of the king of Cambodia and through our close ties with the royal family.

Tours and Holidays by Khuon-Tour

Khuon-Tour has not yet published any tours.