About Us

Izu Hike offers guided hiking, cycling and wilderness camping tours near Tokyo on the Izu Peninsula.

Our guides are native English speakers and long-term Izu residents. They know the local trails well and can help you have a fun, safe hike.

Choose from among nearly a dozen different hikes departing from several of the largest Izu cities and towns.

We offer bike and camping equipment rentals too!

Why book with Us

We are passionate about conserving nature and making the beauty of Japan's forests, mountains, coasts and countrysides more accessible to visitors.

Much of what interests visitors about hiking in Izu, such as the routes that offer the most stunning views, knowledge of local plants and animals, and an understanding of cultural artifacts you'll encounter on the trails, can only be experienced with the help of one of our local guides.

Some of the most enjoyable Izu hiking courses we can share with you aren't documented on maps or in guidebooks.

We can also suggest the hikes that are most compatible with your interests and level of fitness.

Our training includes CPR, first aid and bicycle repair.

Tours and Holidays by Izu Hike

Izu Hike has not yet published any tours.