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At Inside Egypt, passion is the driving force behind our tours. Our tailor-made tours offer a unique and unrivaled perspective of Egypt. Our philosophy is simple, a seamless and luxurious journey for our clients.

World-renowned archeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass will give a lecture at the paws of the Great Sphinx, telling us of his adventures excavating and uncovering the secrets of the ancient monuments.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities and History Channel superstar, has guided the tours of world leaders and celebrities through the Giza Plateau. And now, you get the chance to meet him and hear about Egypt’s ancient history from the ‘mummy man’ himself.

Dr. Hawass, one of the most famous archeologists in the world, has been the face of Egyptian history for years and has appeared on many documentaries and shows to tell the tales of the ancient world.

History and archeology lovers dream of the opportunity to visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. With Inside Egypt, you get so much more than an ordinary tour of the monuments.

With Inside Egypt, you get to explore the grandeur of the ancient monuments through private tours of the sites and it doesn’t stop there.

Who would better tell the tales of the Pyramids and the Sphinx than the man who held the keys to Egypt’s ancient ruins for years?

We offer private tours to Egypt’s most majestic sites led by expert Egyptologists who will reveal everything from the ancient world to modern-day life. With their contagious passion for the history and monuments, our guides will take you back in time, telling the tales of the pharaohs and showing you more than meets the eye.

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Imagine a trip perfectly crafted just for you. With Inside Egypt, that’s exactly what you’re getting. We have thought of every detail and have gone the extra mile to ensure that you not only experience the magnificence of all Egypt has to offer, but do it feeling like royalty as well.

Discover the wonders of Egypt with private entrances to some of the country’s most majestic sites. Our tailor-made tours are the perfect mix of the ancient world and the modern wonders of Egypt. The only thing we ask of you is to enjoy every magical moment.

Not only will the ancient ruins captivate you, but so will the kindness of its locals. Our tour guides’ passion is contagious and is sure to bring out the explorer in you. Their expertise will show you more than your sight can. Experience the way of life of the locals as we are invited into their homes to capture the spirit of their daily lives.

It is our great pleasure to deliver you the luxury and expertise you deserve.

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