About Us

Indiahikes is India's largest trek organizer and your source for trekking information in India. We stand for news, views, information and great trip arrangements in India. Getting information on trekking trails in our country is difficult to get. Apart from a handful of well known treks – most trekking trails are unknown in our country​.​

We bring out complete trekking information to people so that no one must need an organisation like us to take them trekking.The Indiahikes team discovers, explores, meets people and brings out detailed information on trekking trails in India. We are also India's largest trek organizer. A very large number of people in India (and other countries) trek with us every year.

Why book with Us

Our background in explorations, documentation​ and long years of experience in trekking makes us leaders in trek organizing. From discovering and opening new trails, bringing in world class ​standards in ​equipment, safety, green trails and ​other​ best practices of trekking, Indiahikes has led the way for the nascent market of Indian trekking to follow.

Tours and Holidays by Indiahikes

Indiahikes has not yet published any tours.