About Us

Our team offers tailor-made and pre-packaged Pilgrimage Journeys in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Our expertise comes from merging western and eastern perspectives. We explore the hallmarks of Himalayan Buddhist cultures - philosophy, history and various cultivation practices, such as mindfulness, compassion and wisdom. With this we offer a unique introduction to the spiritual heritage of the Himalayan region by becoming pilgrims (rather than tourists) as we immerse ourselves experientially into the raw, powerful environments and uplifting cultures of the Himalayas. Our facilitators are well versed in 'Buddhist Studies' (philosophy, history, and language) and have had a daily meditation practice for at least 10 years. The idea of 'pilgrimage' here is of an introspective and non-religious inclination where our aim is to provide everyone of all faiths and cultures access to the rich wisdom traditions of the Himalayas

Why book with Us

Himalayan Hermitage is founded on the belief that there are countless, unique offerings particular to this mountain region that are extremely relevant and useful to us modern, urban peoples who are living busy lives, where we easily get disconnected from our heart and mind. We offer an introduction to some of these ancient methods of meditation, yoga and mind-training practices that originated from this part of the world, combined with hikes and time spent in the incredible, serene nature of the Himalayas.

Tours and Holidays by Himalayan Hermitage

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