About Us

Discover the Cretan culture, beautiful landscapes away from tourist areas, golden sandy beaches, breathtaking views, wildlife, Cretan herbs, traditional wine, raki, honey and olive oil, homemade food, the myths and traditions that will awaken all your senses.

Trust our experienced guides and the Land Rover Defender 110 which are the suitable cars for the most difficult points, to guide you to a place untouched by time.

Together we will create the best memories in Crete.

Why book with Us

Georgioupolis Safari is a family run business situated in a tourist village next to the sandy beach of Georgioupolis.

We started with passion in April 2016 motivated by the opportunity for fun in a place full of prospects.

Our story began on the White Mountains range a long time ago. Our grandparents were herders, which is why we know pretty well the mountains and ravines in the areas. Thus, subsequent generations have chosen to deal with the raw materials of the site.

Our father decided to start a business by focusing on good quality of meat and opened the local butcher “KAFKALAS” in Georgioupolis; our uncle had cheese products, our cousin vegetables and we, in the winter, had the olive trees and olive oil production and grapes, wine production and raki, while in the summer we focused on tourism and safaris.

Our goal is to promote the Cretan culture and our products through the experiences of our family’s generations to offer you unforgettable memories of your vacation in a place full of taste and customs.

Tours and Holidays by Georgioupolis Safari

Georgioupolis Safari has not yet published any tours.