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It’s not just where you go. It’s how
There are as many travel companies to explore Vietnam with as there are places to explore. Friends Travel Vietnam travellers are looking for something more than a plane ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. We make travel meaningful by thinking small, thinking local, and thinking about what benefits the traveller, the trip, and the planet best.

Why Book With Friends Travel Vietnam?

As adventure travel pioneers, we’ve always done things a little bit differently.

1| We only recommend tours we’d be happy to join in ourselves and the tours we run ourselves.
We started our business by sending our friends & family for the great holiday experience to destinations and tours. The one we loved and where we had the best holidays of our lives in Vietnam. The factors that made that such a brilliant holiday experience are the same factors we now look for at Friends Travel Vietnam – that’s why we hand-select our tours & accommodations are only recommend places we love ourselves.

2| We're honest
If the weather is getting a bit chilly in the North during the winter or the season is getting a bit rainy, we’ll make sure you know before you set off so you can pack an extra jumper or rain coat. If you travelling on a budget string you can’t expect 5 star meal or luxury accommodation we share with you the real thing you can expect.

That's not to say we're down on any of our tours or services - quite the opposite! We just want to make sure that when you head off, you know exactly what to expect.

3| We've got a small premium selection for our tours
We might be picky about quality, but that doesn't limit our selection. When it comes to uncovering exceptional new tours, we’re like a pack of hounds on a Sunday morning (just without all the tweed and “tally-ho!”).
…and only the ones we liked we will add in our premium selection.

4| We're good for groups and… of course single, couples, family travellers.
Booking tours or accommodations for large groups can often be a problem. Not so at Friends travel Vietnam! We’ve got great accommodations around. So whether you need somewhere for a unit reunion or the annual gathering of the family clan, we’ve got it covered.

5| We believe in fairytale endings
The registry office will get the job done, but where’s the romance in that? If you’ve always had your heart set on a fairytale wedding, we’ve got all great luxury stays and romantic luxury villas than you can shake a glass slipper at. We can help you plan for the big day too, guiding you through the logistics.

6| We're at your service
At Friends Travel Vietnam, the service doesn’t just stop at the front of your door. From car hire to booking local activities, catering and transfers, we’re happy to arrange everything you need for a perfect holiday. Get in touch with our service by sending us your email request!

How you get around depends on your choice of Travel Style and Service Level. We use local transport – buses, taxis, commuter trains, etc – because it’s the most economical and colourful way to go.

We select accommodations that reflect the character of the destination. This could mean a handpicked downtown hotel one night, a unique homestay the next, and camping under the stars the night after that.

Your trip is just that – yours. Want to linger at the market or grab a table at that cozy café? Consider it done. We give your trip structure and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it.

Small groups
For our groups, the average about 12 travellers per departure, and are typically a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together, and couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Come prepared to make plenty of new best friends.

Our local guides
Every trip comes equipped with an expert of a local tour guide responsible for enriching your journey, offering local insight, and pursuing great experiences as they happen. To your local guide, making your trip memorable is all in a day’s work.

100% Guaranteed Departures
Every Friends Travel Vietnam departure is now guaranteed to run. Yup, all of them. Once you’ve booked and paid, that’s it – you’re going, guaranteed. Your trip won’t be cancelled by us for any reason (beyond harsh weather or safety issues). Promise.

24/7 Service
When your business covers the whole world like ours does, you have to be available and account- able all the time. If you’ve got a question about a trip – even if it’s the one you’re currently on – we’re here to help. Always. We never sleep. NEVER.

No single supplements
For all our fixed departure group packagesTravelling by yourself doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. We treat single travellers to the same benefits as the rest of the group, which is why we don’t charge single supplements. We’ll partner you up with a same-sex roommate to ensure you pay the same as everyone else.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we offer the widest variety of destinations, departure dates, Travel Styles, and Service Levels in the business. No matter where, when, how or why you want to travel, we’ve got the trip of a lifetime for you.

We offer unforgettable travel experiences at the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere. How? By following a grassroots approach to travel that keeps operating costs low and savings high.

We’re pretty proud of our customer satisfaction record. A whopping 99 percent of our travellers report satisfaction with the service we offered them on their trip. How do we do that? By listening to them. It’s just one of the many ways we lead with service.

See you soon...
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Our products

Real Sapa Experience By Bus 4D3N

  • Starts/Ends Hanoi /Hanoi
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Oct 27 Oct 28
From US$ 120 4 days
Friends Travel Vietnam
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The Fansipan And Real Sapa Experience 6D5N

  • Starts/Ends Hanoi /Hanoi
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Tomorrow Oct 27
From US$ 379 6 days
Friends Travel Vietnam
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Hop On Hop Off Banana Pancake Tour 11days

  • Starts/Ends Hanoi /Ho Chi Minh
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Tomorrow Oct 27
From US$ 599 11 days
Friends Travel Vietnam
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The Fansipan Experience 4D3N

  • Starts/Ends Hanoi /Hanoi
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Tomorrow Oct 27
From US$ 265 4 days
Friends Travel Vietnam
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Street Food Tour

  • Starts/Ends Hanoi /Hanoi
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Daily
From US$ 29 3 hours
Friends Travel Vietnam
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Sapa - Ha Long Bay Experience

  • Starts/Ends Ha Noi /Ha Noi
  • Operator Friends Travel Vietnam
  • Next Departures Tomorrow Oct 27
From US$ 479 6 days
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