About Us

We're not a large international travel business operating through an agent in Mongolia. Also, we don't follow the typical stereotypes of a tour company - we have nothing to do with 'big groups', 'must sees' or 'all inclusive packages'. Oh no.

Instead, we're an independent Mongolian business and a registered social travel enterprise. We focus on showcasing the country as it is in the 21st century - rather than the stereotype that is frequently sold. We offer year-round adventure and cultural experiences in Mongolia that put back into the local communities through which we travel. As well as our trips, we offer free training and development opportunities for Mongolian women that want to work in tourism. We work with them to help give them confidence, increase their personal freedom and an element of economic empowerment.

There's no marketing or sales rep team. It's just us and we research, design and operate all aspects of the experiences we offer. We drive the distances. We do the research. We speak to the people. We build the contacts. And we'll be the ones welcoming you.

Why book with Us

1. You're supporting an independent business that puts back into Mongolia.

2. We leave small footprints in a big country. We're serious about responsible travel. Travel has to benefit all.

3. We don't close for the winter months. We offer year-round experiences. Why? It's a more sustainable approach.

4. There's no contrived experiences. We have build long-term relationships with the rural people we work with. These are real people with real lives to lead.

5. Our small groups are a maximum of six. You're one of few rather than one of many. We offer you flexibility and a more personal approach.

6. We can be flexible - within our philosophy we offer small group as well as tailor made itineraries. Including winter experiences, family trips and also high end for those needing a little extra comfort.

Tours and Holidays by Eternal Landscapes Mongolia

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