About Us

Earthlife Expeditions is one of the highly reputable tour operators in Tanzania.At Earthlife Expeditions,we don’t just do what we do to make a living; a unique and life-changing extraordinary journey is something we think about and yearn for every hour of every day.We know our clients feel the same as us.Passionate about exploring our country,they,like us, want to learn about the world,to discover and explore its vast corners in their most pristine, natural and miraculous forms.

Why book with Us

We the owners of Earthlife Expeditions are well experienced safari guides.We know exactly what our guests require and how to make them meet their expectations. We are field guides (not people who just seat in the office and plan safaris) and we will always give you perfect recommendations to make your safari successful.Our safari guides understand the complex preparation you have made so as to be able to visit our country and will always be flexible to meet your requirement (not you meeting their requirement), as "this is your trip and not their tip".

Tours and Holidays by Earthlife Expeditions

Earthlife Expeditions has not yet published any tours.