About Us

We organize self-guided and guided kayaking adventures in the Saint Anna & Gryt Archipelagoes of Sweden. It's a truly remarkable area with thousands of beautiful islands in a maze and wild camping permitted anywhere. We have been in the business for fifteen years, and we love that we can make this amazing landscape accessible to our guests, hand-in-hand with boosting our rural economy.

We feel it is our duty as an operator to go above and beyond, ensuring that neither our operation nor our guests damage or disturb the area. Eco-friendly practices and protecting our precious nature have always been at the core of our philosophy. Moreover, it is our mission to support the local community in any way we can. We have a great collaboration with landowners, small businesses and other locals, and use a wide range of local services and products, both for our own operation and through recommendations to our guests.

Our guests receive detailed information in regard to minimizing their impact on the environment. We instruct, both verbally (via a briefing) and through writing (in our Travelers Code of Conduct and Guide Book), to strictly follow the codes of "the Right of Public Access", that regulate wild camping in Sweden. In our area, that especially means fire protection, observance of bird sanctuaries and not disturbing wildlife, and being respectful to the lands of farmers and locals who own and utilize some of the islands.

Why book with Us

We provide easy access to a remote coastal landscape with every practical aspect taken care of. We use top-of-the-line gear maintained to the highest standards to make sure our guests stay comfy in the wild.

Our guests are intrigued by being able to move and camp so freely in the outdoors, and appreciate having all the logistics and knowledge that go into preparing for this type of adventure provided. During the adventure they feel secure that we provide the absolute top quality equipment, and a support system a phone call away. Our guests usually have an interest in being active in nature, not necessarily kayaking, but also hiking, cycling, canoeing etc.

Our goal is to surpass our travelers' expectations and not only supply the necessary means to do the adventure, but to do it in a way that is friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, comfortable, and if any problems should occur, solve them smoothly.

Our guided tours are led by certified kayaking & wilderness guides with First Aid & CPR training.

Our self-guided tours begin with an extensive 2.5 hour briefing of navigation, rules of the area, paddling technique, points of interest and a proposed route according to weather conditions. Groceries are ordered in advance through our comprehensive food ordering system.

Our guests pay the cost price (same as in the supermarket), and we shop, pack and have everything ready to go. We send daily weather reports and supply a custom made guidebook with detailed information about the points of interest, establishments and nature of the area. We make sure that even without a guide, our guests will treat the environment and locals with the utmost respect.

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