About Us

Cusco Unique Experience CUEX S.A.C is a tour operator located in Cusco, Peru. We want to show you the best of Peru from the classic outings such as Machu Picchu to magnificent remote landscapes, where for example you can experience staying with a native family in order to get insight into the daily life of indigenous Peruvians. It’s a special combination of culture, nature, adventure and gastronomic experiences.

Our objective is to make innovative, personalized, and diversified tour packages, creating great memories for our travellers. You will not receive a lecture on history and wildlife but instead you will gain personal insights from guides who know these places like the back of their hand. It is not a lazy holiday. You will go back home enriched with knowledge and experiences that extend your horizon. It will be so different from spending two weeks comfortably ensconced in a hotel deck chair besides a pool getting served drinks with a little umbrella in them!

Cusco Unique Experience strongly believes in the importance of taking care of the environment by recycling, not littering the surroundings, planting trees and respecting protected areas. We are also devoted to helping local communities that are in need. We are aware that we are living in a third world country and there are many communities that need our help. We respect and understand the native cultures by learning about their traditions, life style, and heritage and teaching to our travellers and team.

Why book with Us

Our mission is to provide quality service, with competitive prices and personalized itineraries according to the needs of our clients. We want our clients to have a fantastic and safe trip experience with the best qualified and trained professional staff, that improve our service level. Through excellent service, development and good consultancy, we want the happiest and the most satisfied clients and we want to be the favorite travel agency for our costumers to trip with. We want to built a good trip experience and memories in Peru, that our clients never will forget.

Tours and Holidays by Cusco Unique Experience

Cusco Unique Experience has not yet published any tours.