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Colour Tour Georgia has over 20 years of experience serving both Georgian and foreign tourists coming into Georgia from around the world.

We started operating tours all over Georgia for the local Georgian tourists, but during the last ten years we have started serving tourists from abroad. Our company's philosophy is simple - the tourists who come to us normally wishes to relax, get to know the treasures of Georgia and get the best stay possible. Our friendly and experienced team is trying, within its capabilities, to assist our guests achieve each of these three objectives.

We meet you with a friendly, forth-coming attitude. We listen to what you want, your interests, timeline, and your budget. Based off your requirements, we plan and design the best tour itinerary for you.

Come and visit us in Georgia. Georgians believe that "the guest is by the Lord". We really try to maintain this tradition.

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A signature of excellence is our company's main priority

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