About Us

With City Photo Tour you discover the city in a whole new way. When visiting the city, you get an opportunity to develop your photography and see the city. On the tour is always a professional photographer who shows you how to catch the city's beautiful environment. We teach you how to expose, compose and set the camera settings for best results. You get many tips and tricks on photography and at the end of the tour you will learn more about the city while you have postcard-like images to your photo album. City Photo Tour has several tours, and we have an exciting night photography tour where we catch the evening light and the tracks for the cars. We also have a day where we do a walk through different neighborhoods and feel the pulse of the city. Or follow us on some of the other tours. We promise you a very inspiring trip regardless of your choice.

The City Photo Tours are run by two very dedicated photographers from Sweden. They find inspiration in everything from weddings to action photography for clients of various magazines and commercial brands. The duo also hold lectures and trainings in photography, both personal and business.

Welcome to an inspiring tour.

Why book with Us

The goal of City Photo Tours are to make you see the city in a new way, while at the same time getting the opportunity to develop your photography. The "walks" come with an inspiring guide that will tell you anecdotes and stories about the places we are passing. You will of course get tips and tricks on shooting, so you can take your own postcard-like images. Welcome to an inspiring tour.

We concentrate on getting the best photo angles of every sight and help you to get the best shots. Our tours are made with photographs in mind and finding the best light and viewpoints of the time of the day. This will make a huge difference to your photography results as we take into consideration these points when arranging your tour.

Tours and Holidays by City Photo Tour

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