About Us


LS Catamarans is a company of tourism related to sea activities, more specifically Catamaran sailing.

With a personal contact, we offer our client moments of joy and well being, music, laughs, dolphins... our clients are invited to ride the boat and to learn how to ride her, the wind and the sea.

We are a team with large experience in the sea, so in everything you do, YOU are the sea and the sails are your legs. Stop being just an observer and be the experience!

Why book with Us


We are different because we dedicate our time to sustainable sea tourism,
respecting the environment and sailing with the mother nature.

Just the wind can take us where we desire.

We are different because we believe that THE EXPERIENCE, the love for the sea, the respect for sea life, the beauty and peace that ocean gives us only can be felt when it’s genuine.

We are different because we offer the “life line”, where everyone, from the children,
to adults and the elderlies can safely sail and befree to travel throughout the boat.

We are different because we sail with more than 40 years of sea experience.

We are different because we are experience.

We are different because we want you to be the experience.


Tours and Holidays by Catazores

Catazores has not yet published any tours.