About Us

Butterfly Tour is a small company initiated and maintained by a group of Cambodian university students. We're eager to share the intricacies of our beautiful country with the world, working closely with university students to create more job opportunities. We are not an NGO, we are a local students' business, we wish to guide the entrepreneurial spirit of university students as they engage in their studies, and to inspire Cambodians to become confident employers rather than employees.

Why book with Us

Cultural Enrichment
Butterfly Tour offers visitors a snapshot of current cultural norms and insight into the ever-changing modernization of culture in Cambodia. Tid-bits of information encourage the setting of good example, ie. wearing sensible clothing, and not throwing litter on travel routes even though there appears to be a lot of rubbish by the road side.

Low Eco-Tourism Impact
Butterfly Tour began in 2012 responding to the demand for a range of tours to suit the varying needs and interests of visitors to Cambodia. The concept is the brainchild of experienced tour guide, Moth Pheap. Pheap’s intention is to offer environmentally friendly Eco-tourism that benefits visitors and locals alike.

Environmentally Friendly
Cycling Tours are among the best environmentally friendly, Eco-tourism experiences available in Cambodia. Butterfly cycling tours take you on a thoroughly enjoyable and ambient discovery of beautiful, rural Battambang.

Cultural Respect
In considering the impact another tourism business entity might have in Battambang, Pheap critically examined his social enterprise plan, goals and which policies he would adopt. He felt it important that the society would demonstrate respect for such things as local customs and cultural practices as well as foreign culture and practices.

Tours and Holidays by Butterfly Tour

Butterfly Tour has not yet published any tours.