About Us

There is one thing the travellers can all agree on: wandering around a new and unknown city is definitely more pleasant with a guide. Especially with your guide being a local one, who knows all the stories and secrets of that little piece of the world that you try to discover.

If you happen to come to Budapest, please don't start your promenade aimlessly, otherwise all the buildings and monuments of this gorgeous city will welome you in silence.

Let us interpret the messages of Hungary's thousand years of history told by Budapest, as we've been speaking and understanding her language for many years now as local guides.

Why book with Us

This might seem as an ordinary company of some local guides from Hungary who would like to make you believe that our service is something different than the other taylor-made tours in Budapest.

We are of course unable to change the sights or the landscape.

But we can change your opinion of our city and the attitude of the Hungarian people. Let us show you the reasons and the consequences while opening up more of our history and cultural values. So at the end of the tour you might see through the honest perspective of a true local.

Tours and Holidays by Budapest Wonderguides

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