Asante Safaris

Asante Safaris is a family-run company with over 15 years of combined experience within the hospitality and travel industry. We draw on the diversity of these experiences to provide high quality value and service, all of which is combined with African hospitality.

Driving factor behind the existence of Asante Safaris is to take tourists in as relative and allow them to feel and love Tanzania the way we do and showcase the natural beauty of Tanzania, the striking beauty of Kilimanjaro, magnetic charm hidden in each of the 16 National Parks and most importantly its people.
We offer a variety of packages ranging from mountain climbing, small escorted group tours, bespoke tours, honeymoon packages, beach and more. We have operations based in Tanzania, with an office in New York to help us remain close to our US clientele.
So, when you travel with us, we are not just taking you to explore on safari. We are not just expecting you return with photographs, but with the memories and feelings that make Tanzania part of your sense of home.
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