About Us

Arara Tour is a tour operator based in Armenia. We've been working in the tourism field for 5 years. Within this relatively short time span we've been able to develop a lot of new and innovative travel packages in Armenia. Today, we stand out among the large list of travel agencies in Armenia by being able to provide all sorts of unique travel itineraries.

What we offer:
1. The widest range of tours available in the region
2. Cultural, Religious, Seasonal, Trekking, Adventure, and Exclusive Tour Packages
3. Tour packages in Armenia, Georgia and Iran
4. The fairest prices in the market
5. European quality and implementation

Our mission:
Being a local travel company Arara tries to involve locals from all the regions of Armenia in order to contribute to the development of the country’s infrastructure. Hence, when booking one of our tours you contribute not only to the development of our company but to the local eco system.

Our team:
We are very careful about the selection of personnel. As a result, every member of our friendly team is a real professional in his/her field. All our guides have 5+ years of experience (yes, we've been out hand-selecting the best and most experienced guides available).

Why book with Us

- Own agency in Armenia and Georgia
- Guides with 5+ year experience
- Central located hotels
- Licensed air conditioned transport
- The best price in the market taking the service level into account
- 3000+ satisfied clients per year

Tours and Holidays by Arara Tour

Arara Tour has not yet published any tours.